Ensuring food security is one of the big challenges of the 21 century. Providing people worldwide with healthy and safe food is an enormous task. However, there is an urgent need for sustainable solutions regarding food production as well as taking a closer look at the optimum nutrient utilisation.

Five Fields of Investigation

Cross Sectional Topics

  1. Digitalisation in Agriculture

    The rapid development of digitalisation requires and enables the connection of bioeconomic value chains and transdisciplinary approaches. For this, new forms of cooperation between the scientific community, industry, politics and the public are necessary.

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  2. Protein Research

    Proteins are key components of human and animal nutrition. The current production and supply systems are increasingly causing problems on a global scale.

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  3. Digitalisation and Nutrition

    For decades, science has been dealing with the issue of nutrition which is highly complex. Meanwhile, the already multifaceted analogue era of nutrition is supplemented by the world of digitalisation.

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