On 7th September 2017 the Research Alliance Project “Protein Paradoxes: protein supply und the conditions of climate change- production, consumption and human health”, in short “Protein Paradoxes” invited members of the scientific, political and economic community. Informative keynote speeches from Prof. Dr. Werder Kloas (IGB) and Dr. Holger Kühnhold (ZMT), informed the guests about future protein sources from sweet- and saltwater fish. Further Keynote Speeches were held by Dr. Oliver Schlüter (ATB) on the topic of insect protein and by Dr. Babette Regieren (IGZ) on plants as a protein source and the possibilities of growing such plants in the future. Prof. Dr. Lotze-Campen (PIK) presented the research on “land use conflicts in the context of the protein supply and emission reduction to combat climate change”. After the following discussion the meeting ended in the dinosaur room of the Museum for Natural History.

Leibniz Research Alliance "Food and Nutrition"