Press Release: Digitalization in Agriculture

Leibniz Research Alliance 'Food & Nutrition' in German Parliament.

02/11/2019 · News · FV Lebensmittel & Ernährung

The topic of 'Digitalization in Agriculture', together with 'Protein Research' and 'Digitalization and Nutrition' are the cross-sectioning topics of the Leibniz Research Alliance 'Food & Nutrition'.

In addition to questions about the various potentials of digitalization, e.g. for the improvement and implementation of transparency and sustainability along the entirety of the food value-chain, an important part of the discussion must be guaranteeing transparent and responsible handling of data. This includes the allocation of responsibilities to politics, the scientific and economic community and to civil society.

These topics were a part of the public meeting of the Committee of the Bundestag for food and agriculture 'Chances and Risks of Digitalization', at which the research alliance was represented by Prof. Dr. Brunsch (Leibniz-Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy, ATB; Speaker of the research alliance) and Prof. Dr. Bellingrath-Kimura (Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, ZALF).

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