Interdisciplinary Conference on Sustainable Agriculture: Landscape 2021 – Call for Sessions runs until end of October

The Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), together with international partners, is organizing the Landscape 2021 Conference in Berlin Adlershof from 20 to 22 September 2021. The conference will focus on the question whether and how diversification in agriculture contributes to resilience and sustainability. The event thus addresses current research topics between the conflicting priorities of climate change, food security and sustainability. The event brings together scientists from various disciplines with multipliers from politics, society, and practitioners. Interested parties can still submit proposals for their own “Sessions” and “Masterclasses” up until 31 October 2020.

10/22/2020 · FV Lebensmittel & Ernährung

Ecologically and socially sustainable agriculture is a highly topical issue and touches on a wide range of topics from nutrition, species protection and climate to politics and society. After the cost-cutting competition under the paradigm of world market orientation which has led to specialization and homogenization in the use of agricultural landscapes, the question now is whether and how diversification can better combine ecological, social and economic objectives and make the agricultural landscape more attractive again. 

Following the successful first edition of the conference in 2018, Landscape 2021 will take place under the main theme “Diversification for Sustainable and Resilient Agriculture” on the campus of Humboldt University Berlin in the district of Adlershof. 

The “Call for Sessions” is open until 31 October 2020 for the “Sessions” and “Masterclasses” formats. Ideas for “Post-Conference Workshops” and stands on the “Marketplace” can be submitted until 1 March 2021. The registration forms for each format are available for download on the conference website:

Contributions to the conference will include research from the natural and social sciences as well as interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary approaches to issues related to the diversification of plant and animal production systems and which are relevant to sustainable agricultural landscape research.

In addition to classical “Sessions”, “Masterclasses” are also planned. This interactive format allows for intensive collaboration in a workshop atmosphere in order to demonstrate new instruments, methods or topics, learn from one another and discuss issues together. In the “Post-conference Workshops” format, workshops aimed at specific target groups can be offered on the day after the actual conference. A “Marketplace” will also be held as part of the support program of Landscape 2021. At this event, research products suitable for use in practice and politics will be presented, such as apps, decision support systems, knowledge systems. The “Marketplace” is aimed at a broad audience and key players from research and agriculture. These include farmers, representatives from politics and industry who develop solutions for practical applications, multipliers, and journalists. This also makes it an excellent platform for networking and new cooperation. 

Further information and registration for Sessions, Masterclasses and the Marketplace:

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