9th Young Forum "PHN goes digital" at the University of Applied Science of Fulda

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Dr. Doreen Burdack from LFV-LE addressed the opportunities and risks of digitalisation in the field of nutrition for markets, health and sustainability

21.11.2019 · News · FV Lebensmittel & Ernährung

The 9th Young Forum was all about digitalisation in the field of nutrition - right down to nutrition communication on social media. Topics that are also dealt with within the framework of the Leibniz Research Association "Sustainable Food Production and Healthy Nutrition".

At the event, Dr. Doreen Burdack, representing the Alliance, addressed the opportunities and risks of digitalisation for nutrition. In particular, it was important to determine the impact of digital transformation in the field of nutrition on markets, health and sustainability. The barriers to digitisation and technical progress along the value chain in the food industry and to nutrition were discussed.

Expectations for the possibilities of digitalisation are high: An audience survey conducted by Dr. Doreen Burdack in the auditorium at the beginning of the event showed that 82% of respondents expect digitalisation to have a greater influence on food production/agriculture. 86% believed that digitalisation would also have a greater impact on the supply of food products.


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