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Exchange Program

About the Project 

'Protein Paradoxes: Protein Supply under the Conditions of Climate Change – Production, Consumption and Human Health' is a Project of the Leibniz Research Alliance 'Food and Nutrition. The project is funded by the Leibniz Association and aims to evaluate protein supply strategies under continuous global population growth and climate change. The production of food and feed for protein-supply under the conditions of climate change will be one of the major challenges of the coming decades. Protein raises many and often controversial questions regarding sustainable production and consumption patterns and human and animal health, without further increasing the environmental and climate burden - particularly with regard to a growing global demand for meat-based protein and the climate impact of animal-based protein production. The project enables synergies in protein research within the Leibniz Research Alliance 'Food and Nutrition' as a unique cluster of scientific competency in the field of food production and nutrition. In particular postdoctoral scientists will cooperate and exchange in order to develop research approaches to tackle the grand societal challenges along the complete chain of protein production, consumption, and health



The LRA FN ‘Protein Paradoxes’ Exchange Program is open to early career life science researchers (PhD students or Postdocs) to undertake research in another (national or international) institute for 5-30 days. Applicants need to be a member of one of the LRA FN partner institutes. The contribution to travel expenses and accommodation costs will be limited to 2500 €, for which the applicant will have to present receipts. The host needs to cover lab supplies. The aim of the Exchange Program is for the applicant to network, develop new skills and build scientific collaborations between institutions. The grantee is required to submit a short (maximum 4 pages) scientific report on the visit afterwards to the LRA FN.


Prospective candidates must:

  • Be a PhD student or postdoctoral-level researcher working in academia
  • Be a scientist of an associated Institute of the Leibniz Research Alliance ‘Food and Nutrition’
  • Perform life science research in the field of (protein) food production, nutrition, or ecology
  • Submit reason of application
  • Submit a motivation letter
  • Affiliate the Leibniz Research Alliance ‘Food and Nutrition’s’ project ‘Protein Paradoxes’ in  publications if applicable
  • Exhibit the logo of Leibniz Research Alliance ‘Food and Nutrition’s’ project ‘Protein Paradoxes’ on posters/in presentations if applicable
  • Use the grant within 6 months of receipt
  • Complete the application form in full


Application process and required documents:

  • Applications can be submitted in German or English (Application form)
  • Reason of application (objective, preliminary work if available, publications of the applicants working group or host respectively, 400 Words)
  • Letter of motivation
  • Official confirmation letter of the host institution
  • Amount of the travel and accommodation costs


Application Deadline:

You can apply for a travel grant for the ‘Protein Paradoxes’ Exchange Program until 31st August 2019.


How to apply?

Please submit your complete application as one PDF file via email until the respective deadline to Koordination-lfv(at)atb-potsdam.de. If you travelled before the deadline, the LRA FN may approve your exchange retroactively.