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Digitalisation & Nutrition

For decades, science has been dealing with the issue of nutrition which is highly complex. Meanwhile, the already multifaceted analog era of nutrition is supplemented by the world of digitalization. This complexity underlines the need for an interdisciplinary research approach that considers chances and risks of digitalisation of nutrition.

Will a standardised DNA and/or metabonomic analysis have an impact on products my fridge orders for me in the future? Will it be possible to achieve several goals at the same time with the least possible effort? Will smart supermarkets exist in the future where shopping is super-fast and purposeful? How can consumers’ trust be strengthened? What role do data protection and digital sovereignty, consumer behaviour, and a changing food culture play in society? Are DNA analyses ethically justifiable to detect diet-related diseases earlier? How much of the responsibility to provide an adequately safe framework is that of the Governments?

The project ‘Digitalisation and nutrition’ initiated by the Leibniz Research Alliance Food and Nutrition investigates interdependencies of digitally supported nutrition considering the current state of science. Taking into account the capacity of technology we analyse health-related effects, focusing on the prevention, curation and personalized nutrition, while examining aspects of sustainability and climatic impacts that might be affected by digitally supported nutrition and observing changes of the consumer society within a socio-economic context.


Dr. Doreen Burdack
Research associate 'digitalisation and nutrition'
+49 (0)331 5699 -867

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