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Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB)

The Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB) is an interdisciplinary research centre dedicated to the creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge about freshwater ecosystems. Working in close partnership with the scientific community, government agencies, as well as the private sector, guarantees the development of innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges facing freshwater ecosystems and human societies.

IGB advances basic research in freshwater science within research departments (Ecohydrology, Ecosystem Research, Experimental Limnology, Biology and Ecology of Fishes, Ecophysiology and Aquaculture, Chemical Analytics and Biogeochemistry) and integrates the knowledge across departments through cross-cutting research domains:

Aquatic biodiversity

The aim is to better understand the coupling between aquatic biodiversity and ecosystem functioning, using a broad range of model organisms (bacteria to fish), communities (lakes, rivers) and spatial scales (microcosm experiments to global patterns).

Freshwater boundaries and linkages

Freshwaters play a key role in the larger landscape, they are connected with the land, interact with groundwater and regulate the global flux of nutrients and carbon dioxide. We study the processes and factors controlling the stability of aquatic ecosystems and their function for the matter cycle in the landscape.

Human-aquatic ecosystem interactions

Most freshwaters are coupled human-ecological ecosystems. We study the role of multiple stressors on aquatic systems. For example we investigate the impact of artificial light pollution or the influence of recreational fishing on freshwater and riparian ecosystems and develop blue aquaculture systems. Furthermore, the unique long-term monitoring and research program at Lakes Mueggel and Stechlin, and the Spree and Tagliamento River is pivotal for understanding and predicting global change impacts on freshwater ecosystems.