Leibniz Research Alliance „Food and Nutrition”

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Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB)

Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (ATB) is a European research centre for agricultural engineering with an interdisciplinary field of activities at the nexus of biology and technology. ATB develops sustainable technologies for the resource efficient utilization of biological systems to produce food, raw materials, and energy. Solutions developed in the context of biorefinery concepts and cascade utilization of biomass for improving the environmental compatibility, efficiency and sustainability of relevant processes will contribute to enhance a knowledge based bio-economy.

Research programs:

Precision farming and precision livestock production Engineering research in the field of primary production of agricultural commodities up to product recovery. This includes the development of sensor-based technologies for precision agriculture as well as emission reduction from animal husbandry.

Quality and safety of food and feed Research spans the entire spectrum between primary production and consumption of food and feed. For the processing and storage of fruits, vegetables, grain, feed silage, milk, and meat, innovative interdisciplinary approaches are developed, such as sensor-based monitoring and control strategies for process design and non-invasive methods for quality and safety assessment.

Material and energetic use of biomass Aiming at efficient technologies for providing valuable bio-based materials and fuels from renewables and agricultural waste materials research concentrates on processing of plant fibers, biotechnological production of lactic acid for biopolymers, short rotation coppice, biogas and biochar.

Technology assessment in agriculture The program investigates the competing uses of limited resources in agricultural systems from the perspective of efficient resource utilization and the cost-efficient provision of ecosystem services. It examines the application of technologies and their impacts on agricultural ecosystems.